A Ladies Sheepskin Gilet is the Right Choice for Women

When choosing a leather jacket or a leather gilet for a woman, it is necessary that you choose one that is made from the right skin because not all skins will suit the taste and requirement of women. There is no doubt that leather is superior to all other materials for making women’s gilets, but a wrongly chosen leather could hugely reduce the comfort and fashion level of a woman. Various animals’ skins are used to create gilets, and they come primarily from cowhide, sheepskin, goat hide, and deerskin, etc. Irrespective of the choice of animal, all leathers are tanned before they are used for making jackets and cowhide is determinedly stiffer than other skin and can wear over a long period.

Therefore, sheepskin or deerskin is preferred more than cowhide, but goatskin is considered even suppler than these two and stronger as well. Calfskin, on the other hand, is a softer alternative, and you don’t need to break it in as it would fit like a glove from the beginning. Goatskin is water repellent and durable while sheepskin tends to be softer than goatskin and light in weight than cow and goat. Lambskin is tender and is likely to wear and tear quickly. A ladies sheepskin gilet is, therefore, much preferred because it is in between, i.e. not as stiff as cow hide and not as pliable as lamb skin.

The leather is tanned before it use and there are two tanning methods primarily used by leather manufacturers namely chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. The former is done using chemicals whereas the latter is done with more natural methods. A nappa leather jacket, for example, is chrome tanned hence producing a uniform texture and great weather proof capabilities. Chromium sulphate is the chemical used for tanning, and it is quick and produces an evenly colored skin for jackets. Good quality jackets are produced from leathers that were tanned using plant matters and wood barks. These are natural choices, and they also hide scratches and buffs on the skin.

For genuine and good quality ladies leather jackets and sheepskin gilets call Cirrus, UK, a pioneer in tailoring the most authentic designs. Just use the phone number 020 7480 9163 to call us today.


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