Buy an Authentic B3 Bomber Jacket for Durability and Fashion Kudos

A B3 Bomber jacket is a good choice of winter wear because it has style, quality, and durability and fashion value. Out of the several flight jackets invented and used during and after the World War, the B3 became a hit with the younger generation as several of their Hollywood heroes embraced the jacket to give an authentic look to the roles they portrayed.

B3 bomber jacket are mostly made of sheepskin with the outer shell of the jacket being made up of a single piece leather, and the inner side is lined up with wool. Brass zippers welted seams, and collars with buckles are the salient features of the bomber jacket. These jackets have adjustable straps to fit the jacket into the waist and the front also features two pockets in order to keep the hands warm. The B3 jacket is a sturdy piece of winter wear and can withstand even the harshest winter weather. The outer shell of the jacket is made of leather to ensure that no wind can get in, and the woolen interior insulates the warm air from escaping.

Traditional bomber jackets were made with seal skin or leather and shearling wool was the material used for insulation. Even the harshest climates cannot diminish the warmth of the bomber jackets, and the woolen liner ensures that warmth is spread uniformly over the body. The durability factor hugely works in favour of the bomber jacket, and they can last for decades if they are polished and rubbed down with appropriate treatments by the owner.

An Aero leather jacket with its knitted cuffs also prevents the cold air from penetrating via the sleeves and adds more protection. These jackets have changed quite a lot nowadays as manufacturers have done away with big collars, wind flaps and even the zipper and the flaps on the front pockets. However the basic design remains the same even after all these years, but the type of material, design, accessories and styles have been given slight changes to suit the contemporary taste. A bomber jacket is more than worth the money you spend on it as it will last for years and years. For an authentic B3 jacket made of leather contact Cirrus on 020 7480 9163 or send us an email to


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