Cirrus made genuine sheepskin gilets most suitable for moderate climate

If you are looking for a gilet to wear in winter, you are probably best to opt for a black sheepskin gilet as it stands out as an exceptional piece of winter wear to wear over any dress. Gilets come in various colors, hues and materials nowadays, but the original design has not changed much – making it a timeless design that will never go out of fashion. A gilet made from sheepskin is the best option for you because it will last for decades if you maintain it properly – by cleaning and polishing it with the right kind of cleaner and wax.

When the weather becomes more moderate, gilets come in very useful as well as they will offer a lighter level of warmth compared to the heavier leather jackets that are made for greater chill protection. The wicking quality of the sheepskin does not allow moisture to remain inside so you will be comfy and cozy when you put the gilet on over your favorite long sleeved shirt or Tee. There are several designs of gilets available, and they include quilted gilets, fleece gilets, and technical gilets. Technical gilets are designed for sportsmen and women and are used in sports such as shooting, cycling, and archery. Adventurous individuals who like hiking and trekking tend to wear gilets a lot as they afford them more freedom of movement to carry out various activities.

Cirrus, based in the UK, make genuine leather jackets including sheepskin gilets for men and women. They employ a team of master tailors to make leather jackets using only the finest skins and accessories available for the purpose. A sheepskin gilet can be of great use when the cold stops biting, as it would significantly reduce the chill you feel and help to keep a moderate and comfortable level of heat between the body and the jacket. It is important to find the right leather to make the gilet from, and you should consult the manufacturer on the choice of material before you order it.

All garments are made to order at Cirrus, so you can be assured your jacket will be made with great care and attention to detail. We at Cirrus make great leather jackets and gilets for men and women from genuine leather with the addition of top class accessories. If you have any questions, you can call us on 020 7480 9163 or send an email to enquiries@cirrusuk.co.uk.


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