Find genuine made to order leather ladies gilets from online manufacturers

A winter wardrobe is completely different from a summer wardrobe, and leather jackets and gilets should always form a part of the former as they offer great protection against the chill. Gilets especially are much in fashion these days, and they come in a variety of different materials for both men and women. A ladies sheepskin gilet is a better option if you are fashion oriented as they are soft, comfortable and long lasting. One of the significant factors about gilets are that they are a versatile type of winter jacket that you can wear over any dress. Characteristically sleeveless, this type of jacket adds a different dimension to your fashion staples and lets you express yourself in a stylish way during the winter season.

Sheepskin gilts are of a great comfort as they snugly fit on the body, and there are a huge variety of gilets available for purchase on the market with some gilets even being made of fake fur, knitted and cloth materials. Leather gilets, especially the sheepskin variety, are much preferred because leather has a wicking quality, durability, and a shine which comes naturally with wear and time. For a moderate winter, you will not find a better jacket than a gilet as it cozily rests on the dress that you wear beneath it.

Gilets also come in useful in sports such as shooting and archery where players find them comfortable as the sleeveless jacket lets them move their arms freely while providing protection to the chest. A nappa leather jacket is another piece of winter wear which is widely preferred during winter. Nappa leather refers to a particular type of leather which is chrome tanned animal hide rendered soft. It has a wide field of use and is known as aniline leather in its natural form

Nappa leather is a result of animal skins tanned by Chrome, which is an artificial process of tanning. The leather is soft and uniformly colored and has very good weatherproof qualities. Jackets made of nappa leather can be found at many online shops. At Cirrus UK, we manufacture leather gilets and nappa leather jackets to customer’s specifications. Call us on 020 7480 9163 if you have any questions about our genuine leather jackets which are accurate classical reproductions.


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