Add A Genuine Black Sheepskin Gilet to Your Clothes for the Ultimate Style Statement

Aviator Jackets with their classic design and durability are still considered as fashionable these days. Mens Aviator Jacket made of sheepskin or cowhide are very effective at keeping you warm in the Winter months, but there are very few companies that actually make authentic Aviator Jackets. Nowadays, many Aviator Jackets are made from synthetic materials, and these are widely bought and worn by fashion orientated people, but nothing beats the style of a genuine Leather Aviator Jacket. A genuine jacket is not only more authentic but will also last for a long time if it is maintained in a proper manner.

Gilet’s are another item that men can wear in Winter that originated in the past. Although Gilets are sleeveless, they are popular as they are not only fashionable but work well as a body warmer between seasons. You may not think that a Black Sheepskin Gilet for Men will keep you warm in the Winter, but a Gilet will offer you several advantages that many people may not be aware of. Gilets are really versatile items that can be worn over anything – from jeans and a tee-shirt to a dress.

Gilets are also really popular with athletes and sports people as they offer them considerable freedom of arm movement that are a necessary in sports. This is the reason sports people like cyclists, shooters, and archers use them a lot. Fishermen also find them very useful as they allow the wearer to swing their rod in a 360degree circle. The two front pockets also enable the wearer to keep their hands warm, or carry things that might be useful.

Gilets belong to a different clothing niche than Jackets and Jumpers, as they are somewhere in between – although they are items you can use when it is cold and then remove when they become too warm. If you are looking at Gilets available online, you will probably come across several varieties including quilted Gilets, Fleece Gilets and technical Gilets. The term Technical Gilet usually refers to Gilets that are made for specific purposes such as shooting or hunting.

At Cirrus, we make genuine Sheepskin Gilets for Men that are versatile to use. Please contact us on 020 7480 9163 or send an email to with your query.


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