You Can’t Disregard the Classic Style of Aviator Jackets for Men

Some of you may be wondering whether it is worth investing in an aviator jacket. You may even wonder whether it will still be in fashion seeing as it is a classic design dating back to World War II. Well, you should be reassured that the fact is that flight jackets have never gone out of fashion, and they are still popular amongst stylish people who buy them online and have them made to their personal specifications so that they fit like a glove.

There was a slight drop in the sales of aviator jackets after the popularity of the film Top Gun saw them flooding the streets. This slump in sales was attributed to the warmer weather and the steep cost of genuine sheepskin or shearling. People started to look for coats that were made from other fabrics, such as faux fur, which were lighter to wear and also lighter on the pocket. In spite of this, the classic aviator jacket cannot be written off, as aviator jacket mens are back at the top of the style pile again and are popular for wearing with rugged jeans for a casual look. A sheepskin leather aviator jacket, although costlier, makes up for the cost in its sustainability as it will last for a long time compared to coats made from other materials – if properly maintained.

A Gilet is another winter essential that is mostly worn in the winter as a cover up, or as an additional layer to keep warm. Ladies sheepskin gilet are very popular as they are supple, warm and good-looking and can be used as a multiple weather jacket for use even in a mild winter. The period between winter and spring tends to see an increase in sunlight and warmth, and as such weather can drastically change at a moment’s notice, and at such time the ladies gilet is very useful as it acts as a lightweight cover-up when the weather is warmer, and then turns into an effective body warmer when the weather turns colder.

Gilets are available in different colours and patterns and make great winter wear for fashionable women, as they can be worn with both tee-shirts, and long sleeved sweatshirts. Gilets for women allow them greater movement for their arms, and will also set off the beauty of a woman’s feminine curves when she pairs one with a tight fitting dress. Sheepskin is the ideal material for Gilets if you want them to last a long time whilst providing adequate warmth during winter.


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