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A Sheepskin Gilet Is Expensive Winter Wear

When you think of Gilets, you probably think of the smart looking body warmers of yesteryear, but as this style of sleeveless jacket is so versatile it has stayed popular through many decades, and now holds an important place in the wardrobes of many men and women in the modern day world. A Gilet resembles a blouse or waistcoat, as it is cut without any sleeves, and so is known as a sleeveless vest of jacket sometimes. Gilets may be designed to be waist or knee length, and are usually designed with straight sides rather than being form fitting. Originally they were beautifully embroidered garments, and were worn by both men and women.

A sheepskin gilet is a valuable addition to any woman’s wardrobe as it offers both warmth to the body and also provides a really stylish appearance. The gilets that we wear today, are usually treated as an extra layer to warm the body, and they can be made from cloth, fake fur or even knitted material. Sometimes, gilets are even integrated into waterproof jackets for when the owner goes hiking, and they can be zipped in and out as needed. Many gilet jackets are used for sporting activities such as cycling, archery and shooting, although these sporty gilets tend to be made from a windproof material with mesh at the back. However, more often than not a Gilet worn for shooting is made from rugged leather to emphasise the character of the sport.

Another winter jacket which is greatly in vogue is the Ladies sheepskin jacket. They are lighter and softer than other jackets, but can generate a tremendous amount of warmth as they have natural insulating characteristics. For most, the gilet may seem like a pointless winter accessory as although it covers the upper body, it doesn’t have any sleeves. However, not only will a gilet look elegant and hugely improve the beauty of the outfit the lady is wearing, but it is also ideal for wearing in the fluctuating temperatures that we tend to experience more and more these days. The gilet can easily be put on when the weather is slightly cooler, and can then be removed again as the weather heats up.

Sheepskin jackets for ladies are costly, but they are worth their weight in golf as if looked after carefully they will last for several decades. With a proper maintenance regime, sheepskin can last for years, and will always look as good as new whenever you wear it. Judicious use and a little light brushing every so often will keep your sheepskin jacket in tip top condition.


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