A Ladies Aviator Jacket Will Protect You from winter without Sacrificing Style

Leather jackets are one of the essential items you should have in your wardrobe for winter as they have a long history of being worn for travel through the past hundred or so years. The fact that they can stand up to tough weather and keep us warm makes them amongst the best winter wear available today. Jackets that are made from genuine leather have the chance of lasting a lifetime (if they are looked after correctly) whereas Jackets made from other synthetic materials will likely deteriorate. The Aero Leather Jacket, as invented in the First World War, still rules the roost when it comes to selecting a winter jacket design. This is because this style shows off the soft and shiny appeal of the fabric the best, and the leather means it will withstand even the harshest winter weather.

Leather Jackets or Aviator Jackets are usually made from natural leather and are lined with some kind of woolen material for extra warmth and to ensure they are weather proof. They usually come with large collars to help keep your neck warm, and also side or front pockets that are large enough to slip your hands in and keep them warm as well. Leather Jackets can be made in several designs but the bomber jacket style made popular in the war years are still the most sought after designs on the market. Several animal hides can be used in the manufacture of leather jackets, and these include cow hide, sheepskin, and deerskin. During the war era, the bomber jackets that were produced tended to be made from horsehide which was then either vegetable or chrome dyed.

Some popular design features associated with the aviator jacket include a two-way zipper, mock neck collar with button tabs, ribbed waistband, and cuffs, pockets with angled zipper and snapped flaps at the waist. The design hasn’t changed much over time, but some designers have tried to come up with different leather jackets styles to refurbish a woman’s wardrobe. The ladies aviator jacket is suitable for any occasion really, ranging from riding your bike to an informal party, and it will provide you with more than adequate protection from poor weather when it is at its peak.

Ladies aviator jackets can also be made from sheepskin sometimes, and this is quite an elegant style which again is suitable for all occasions. Down coats which have been popular in the past, can make you feel quite cumbersome and large, but sheepskin aviator jackets with their figure-flattering lines and feminine style can be fashionable and practical as well. They can be made with draped collars, belted waists and curve flattering seaming to enhance further them, and you can be sure that your sheepskin jacket or coat will not mean you have to sacrifice on style just to stay warm in winter.


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