Buying Direct for Leather Bomber Jackets for Men

Are you looking for Leather Bomber Jackets for men? Then you would be wise to keep the following things in mind before you decide which one to purchase:

Bomber Jacket Features

Bomber Jackets are traditionally manufactured from Leather or Seal Skins as the outer shell and have a shearling wool inner lining. This combination is highly effective in even the harshest climates as the Jacket will keep the owner warm and dry. The woolen lining spreads warmth evenly over the body thus making it extra cozy for the wearer. This is one of the primary benefits of selecting a Leather Bomber Jacket Mens.


Leather with its effective insulating properties has proven itself to be a highly durable fabric, and so Bomber Jackets made out of Leather will tend to last longer than Jackets made of other materials. The outer shell of leather ensures that elements such as rain and snow do not harm the jacket – if it is looked after correctly.

Zipper Closures

A zipper closure in the front keeps the Jacket tight together and helps to provide unprecedented warmth to the wearer by keeping the cold air out and retaining the warm air inside.

Wind Flaps and Collar

Extra-thick wind flaps keep even the stubbornest air from getting through the zipper. Bomber jackets are also usually designed with collars that have extra height and an extra wrapping capability to keep any part of the neck from coming in contact with cold air.


Knit cuffs are a useful design addition to bomber jackets as they fit the wrists comfortably and provide amazing protection against winds. The webbed stitching at the bottom of the cuff ensures the tightness of the fitting.

A Women Leather Gilet is another item that is widely used for adding style to your wardrobe. It is not only effective in cold weather, but these sleeveless jackets are also highly useful during moderate weather. The versatility of this item means that you can wear it over a Jumper or a Tee that would allow you to balance the amount of warmth you want depending on the weather.

We at Cirrus make genuine Sheepskin Gilets for women in many classic styles that have been proved highly fashionable over the years. Contact us on 020 7480 9163 for more information or send an email enquiry to


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