Want To suggest more about Your Modern Designed A-2 Flying Jacket?

Flying Jackets are really fashionable items to wear these days and are also highly practical and appropriate winter clothing for both men and women. Initially designed for use by Military Pilots, this piece of clothing has caught the imagination of the public due to its quality and effectiveness. Being practical and sturdy winter clothing certainly does not mean this jacket is not fashionable thought because the style of them makes them very popular. They were originally made popular as they were worn by such Hollywood Greats as John Wayne and Gregory Peck, who both sported the A-2 Flying Jacket in various films that they made in the 50s. The A-2 Flying Jacket was also sported by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie ‘The Last Stand’ although it was accessorised with a police badge!

If we go back in history, we will find that A-2 Flying Jackets were standard equipment for US Army Air Corps members, and were the successor to the A-1 Flying Jacket that was manufactured in 1927. After 1943, the A-2 became ‘Limited Standard’ which meant that no new Jackets could be ordered, only replacements for the currently serving units. The new design jackets that became the apparel for the new units were the B-10 and B-15 that had cloth-shells According to the US Army Air Force catalogue, these jackets were described as ‘seal brown horsehide leather with knitted wristbands and waistbands.’

The A-2 flying coats shifted in development from the first outline contingent upon the maker, in spite of the fact that they all have the same unmistakable qualities, for example, a snap fold patch pocket on both sides that don’t have any hand warming compartments appended. Having your hands in your pocket is unquestionably something that is disapproved of in the military! Other unmistakable attributes incorporate shoulder straps, a snap-down neckline, a back piece built from a solitary bit of calfskin with a specific end goal to point of confinement anxiety, and an internal covering produced using cotton or silk. The internal covering ought to likewise be connected to a hanging strap, and a tag with military details on it – and ought to end at the back neckline.

The original b3 flight jacket made during the War was mostly manufactured from horsehide, and was either vegetable or chrome-tanned. Some original pieces were even made with goatskin or cowhide. They also came in two distinct colours – ‘Seal’ which ranged from dark brown to black, and ‘Russet’ which ranged from red-brown to brown. Many of today’s contemporary A-2 Flying Jackets are made from a variety of materials depending on how closely the manufacturer wants to stick to the original design!


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