Why Should You Desire A Ladies Aviator Jacket As Your Frost Coat?

Aviator Jackets have been in existence since the early 1920s, and they are instantly recognisable for their sheepskin leather exterior and woolen or silk inner lining. Their rich history of this style proves that Aviator Jackets provide extraordinary warmth to the wearer whether they are in the midst of a sub-zero winter, or just live in a chilly climate.

This chill protection has made these jackets part of both men and women’s wardrobes for many years.

The Aviator Leather Jacket first became popular in World War II, and the most famous style was the B3 Bomber Jacket that had a shorter waist length, wrap around collar, tight-knit cuffs and a zip front closure that did not allow cold air to penetrate. The bomber jacket has since evolved into the modern style we know today and is no longer just a pilot’s jacket but fashionable winter wear for both men and women.

While picking an bomber jacket for winter wear, it is constantly astute to pick a sheepskin one as it offers extraordinary warmth and consolidates well with fleece and hide to give you an amazing winter article of clothing that will be a standout amongst the most worn things in your closet. A sheepskin coat will, obviously, be more exorbitant than different coats, however it will be extremely strong and last you for a considerable length of time – the length of you take great consideration of it.

Sheepskin leather has many natural insulating characteristics but is not as heavy as you think it might be. Its exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities make it versatile for even the most severe environments, and irrespective of fluctuations in temperature the sheepskin will control your body temperature. It is definitely an all-weather coat as it will keep you cool and dry whether you are hiking or just shoveling snow out of your driveway.

A Ladies Aviator Jacket is a stylish and elegant piece featuring figure flattering silhouettes that are specially manufactured for ladies. Fur trims belted waists draped collars and curve enhancing stitching are all hallmarks of aviator jackets designed for women. Cirrus are proud to make the best Aviator Jackets for men and women in the UK so if you would like to purchase on please call us on 020 7480 9163.


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